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How Do I Find the Best Career for Me?

Choosing a career is one of the most important
decisions you will make.

The Pathway Planner is an on-line assessment you take that will give you the information you need to make the right decision. 

Save time and thousands of dollars in educational costs with this comprehensive assessment.  

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Your work success and enjoyment will depend on finding a career that fits your
unique combination of interests, personality traits and skills.

You are most likely to excel when you’re in a career that fits you,
when you bring passion to your work because you love doing it.

What careers are the best fit for your unique
combination of interests, personality and skills?

The Pathway Planner is an on-line assessment that will give you a report showing which jobs are the best fit for you and giving you links to get detailed information about those jobs.   

How the Pathway Planner Was Developed

For over 20 years, Profiles International has been helping companies hire the best candidates for their jobs, based on the candidates’ interests, personality and skills.

During that time Profiles has done millions of assessments for over 40,000 clients in 120 countries.

As part of that process, Profiles helps companies identify the characteristics of their most successful employees in the position for which the company is hiring. Once this profile is created, it is used to help select the best qualified candidate.

“To find joy
in work
is to discover
the fountain of youth.”
Pearl S. Buck

During this process Profiles amassed a huge amount of data on what characteristics (interests, personality and cognitive skills) correlate with success in various fields.

Pathway Planner turns the process around. Instead of seeing what person is the best fit for a position, the assessment gathers information about you and provides a list of the best career matches for you.

It takes into account interests, personality traits and cognitive skills (verbal and math skills).   The assessment takes 60 to 90 minutes and goes far beyond what most job interest/aptitude assessments cover.

Connecting to the O-Net

“They are
happy men whose
natures sort
with their vocations.”
Francis Bacon

But Pathway Planner goes even further. For each career that the assessment identifies as a good match, your report includes a link to the appropriate job family on the O-Net. The O-Net is a government-maintained database that includes very detailed information about what it’s really like to work in that field.

The O-Net includes detailed information on each job family, including:

  • Tasks the job involves
  • Tools and technology used
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities required
  • Work activities and context
  • Job Zone (level of education and experience required)
  • Interests
  • Work Styles
  • Work Values
  • Related Occupations
  • Wages and Employment Trends
“I love
Mickey Mouse
more than any woman I’ve ever known.”
Walt Disney

This information will help you understand what it’s really like to work in that field. You can make decisions based on comprehensive information, instead of hazy impressions about what a particular career involves.

Pathway Planner will help you identify and research which careers will be the best fit for you, both in terms of your being successful and enjoying your work.  

Education can be expensive, in both money and time. Pathway Planner can help you make smarter, more well-informed decisions about your future and avoid wasting money and time.

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See a Sample Pathway Planner Report

Order Your Pathway Planner!

Cost and Order Process

For a limited time, the Introductory Rate for the Pathway Planner report is $129 per report. To order, please click here.  When you make the credit card payment, you will get an automated receipt emailed to you immediately. A link to your Pathway Planner assessment will be sent to the email address you provide within one business day.

Discounted rates for quantity purchases are available.   Please contact BestCareers4Me.com at 702-255-9891 for details.

Why the Pathway Planner is Better than Other Career Aptitude Tests


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