“The Pathway Planner assessment helped me to realize my true strengths. It gave me confidence during interviews and I love my new job!”
– Susan V. (Career Changer)

“I’m grateful that my son had the opportunity to go through this assessment.  As he heads into his senior year, the results have given him a lot of food for thought in thinking about life after graduation.  He also started to consider the daily requirements of certain careers- do you work at a desk?  Do you work in teams?  Is it routine?  Before careers had been nothing more than titles.  He now has an understanding of what skills different jobs require in a deeper way.”
– Lori B (mom of high school student)

“After graduating from college I thought I would like being a financial planner.  When I did the assessment and that job was listed in the report as a good fit for me, it helped me feel confident about financial planning as a career.”
– Evan N. (college grad) 

“I look at the Pathway Planner assessment tool as a great place for a great start! As a parent in today’s uncertain economic times, I am looking for creative ways to support and encourage my adult children in their quest to find their perfect career. My son is a recent college graduate struggling to find his way to his ideal job. The Pathway Planner is a detailed report that compiled his cognitive & behavioral skills and coupled them with his interests to help narrow a wide field of career choices. Now he can focus on applying for specific jobs that are a match to his particular skill set. He can also refer back to the report when filling out applications and researching related careers.”
– Ann G.  (parent of college grad)

“This test helped me zero-in on my strengths and weaknesses when applying for jobs, and I have a better grasp on which fields to which I can apply for a satisfying life. The test was comprehensive, taking into account both my personal preferences and my skills as measured by the math and vocabulary portions of the assessment. You don’t find that kind of specialization in most other aptitude tests. I got the results quickly and in one concise report. The insight I gained from this will help me find a job in which I can not only perform well in but also enjoy.”
Ryan G. (college grad)

Why the Pathway Planner is Better than Other Career Aptitude Tests


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